Your ridiculously awesome Porsche 911 Turbo wallpaper is here

For some reason, July 7th is a popular birthday for Jalopnik readers. Today's moving Space Shuttle behind the scenes came from a reader who is celebrating his birth. And this Porsche 911 Turbo photo? Yep, another birthday boy.


Here's what photographer Jaime "Jimbo" del Busto had to say about it:

The idea behind the picture was to show some relation with the region where the car is located. So we took as background a "horreo," which a rural typical construction from Northern Spain.

Hope you publish the pic, today is my birthday so you have no excuse.

If you insist, Jimbo. The full set can be seen here.

The 1600-px version is here and the giganto-desktop version is on our Facebook page (no, you don't have to "like" our Facebook page or even sign in to the service. It's right there in the "photos" section on the left).

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