Your Ridiculously Awesome Honda NSX Wallpaper Is Here

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The Honda NSX was a classic the day it was born. With its perfect proportions and those sleek lines, it is the archetype for the mid-engined sportscar.


While the premier Japanese rocketship may today be the Nissan GT-R, the NSX can still go around corners with the best of them. Created before things like computer-controlled suspensions were the norm, the NSX relied on solid engineering, a lithe structure, and a little help from a guy named Ayrton Senna to give it one of the best chassis of all time.

We had a yellow Bel-Air last week, but the orange-y shade on this Japanese Honda NSX mixes perfectly with that rising sun. The gold wheels ain't bad, either.

Photo credit Steve Neill. Used with permission. For a giganto-desktop version, click here.

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Victorious Secret

I can't take such pictures seriously anymore after learning how hilariously easy it is to fake that massive sunlight and bloom.