Your Ridiculously Awesome Ferrari Formula One Wallpaper Is Here

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Monza is a place that oozes history, so Ferrari whipped out one of their old racers for an event to coincide with the Italian Grand Prix. This shot comes courtesy of Jamey Price, who captured the old and the new parked on Monza’s famous banking at an event hosted by Ferrari and their sponsor Shell.

The 2015 car is above, and a 1951 car is below.

You can download the full-size version here.

Jamey Price travels all around the world to follow motorsport and takes some ridiculously amazing shots of race weekends. Check out more of Price’s work on Twitter @jameypricephoto, on Instagram @jameypricephoto or on Facebook.


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I saw that when Jamie posted it a couple of days ago. Sexy! Jamie is doing some really good work!

Before people ask why they don’t run the banking now, part of the answer is that the south turn transition is messed up. Saw that when we went for a walk after the race this afternoon.

This is the transition I was mentioning.