You can't really be a gearhead if you don't love Citroën. I'm not saying you have to buy one, but you have to at least appreciate the gonzo-ass cars that have rolled off their assembly lines over the years, like the 2CV, the DS, and more recently, the C6. Beautiful, bizarre, unique and high-tech. 

And then there's the SM, that glorious spaceship that was a love child between Citroën and Maserati. We've written about the SM many times before, and we've even called it the greatest grand tourer ever.

All I know is that it still looks amazing even today, and this wallpaper is proof of that. I love that it highlights the SM's most controversial feature, its rear end. 

Whatever car you drive, this one is cooler. 

Photo credit . Click here for a giganto-desktop version

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