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I'm about to help out your social lives, Jalops. Put this Borgward Isabella photo on your desktops, then go park yourselves at your nearest coffee shop or other conspicuous public place.


People will walk up to you and ask, "What's that cool-looking car on your computer?" And you can tell them it's a Borgward Isabella, the most successful car ever made by now-defunct German manufacturer Borgward from 1954 until they went out of business in 1962.

You can tell them that Borgwards had some interesting technical features, but they had financial problems, quality issues and a tough time competing with giants like Opel and Volkswagen.


These people will think you're super interesting, and will almost certainly want to become your best friend. You're welcome. I do what I can.

Do you have any stories about old Borgwards?

Photo credit Garret Voight. Click here for a giganto-desktop version.

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