Your New SUV Overlord Is The Bentley Bentayga

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Bentley's been dripping out dribs and drabs of information about their new SUV for years now like an old man with prostate issues, and we finally have one new drab. It'll be called the Bentley Bantayga, and it'll have these sweet B-shaped vents.


Bentley will insist on dribbling out little droplets of information for the foreseeable future, so for now they've put up a website about the car. There are no real photos, just terrible mashups of an outline of an SUV with pictures of desert (presumably because Emirati sheikhs are the target demographic). They're not worth posting here, so if you really, really need to see some desert, go here.

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Bentley Does Stuff.

Seriously, automakers who do snippets of the car shouldn't get any press whatsoever. It's like having a commercial about an upcoming trailer for a movie.