What would Maximum Wagon Day be without an homage to the wagon of death? Chariot of the Reaper? Driver of Demise? That's the hearse, of course, and, once again of course, there's no more Jalopnik a hearse than than the Jaguar E-Type version from the cult flick Harold & Maude (at left). However, the hearse business is, um, alive and well. These days, they don't call 'em hearses (except in URLs).

As they say in Grand Rapids, MI, these wagons that presage the worms crawling in are "funeral coaches." We owe the good folks at Bennett Funeral Coaches a Maximum Wagon Day tip of the black cap for their extensive hearse gallery. And possible Jalop-props for creating something called the "floral coach," a custom hearse designed to carry both flowers and casket that suggests to us nothing less than a hearsamino.