Today is the 19th anniversary of the death of Ayrton Senna, who died at Imola in 1994 in what was probably the darkest weekend in the history of motorsports. Senna was one of the most talented drivers ever in F1. What was your best memory of him?

For me, it's Donnington 1993. Senna was in an inferior McLaren Ford, which didn't have active suspension. The race was in the wet, where talent comes to the fore and the car takes a back seat.


Senna started fourth and fell to fifth at the start. Then he put in what has to be the single greatest opening lap in all of Formula One. In one lap, he goes from fifth to first in a car that was basically junk compared to the dominant Williams. It was the master at work.

I find this more and more unbelievable each time I watch it. What about you? What Senna moment makes you wonder if he's actually human?