Being a careless or bad driver isn’t something that should be taken lightly. It’s irresponsible and dangerous we should all strive to be better. Because until all the cars become autonomous, this is what we’ve got.

Like I said last week, we’re already aware of the obvious stuff, like texting behind the wheel and drunk driving. Those behaviors are commonly accepted as shitty.

But for the less obvious behaviors and what to look out for, I tapped you guys. Eighteen-hundred replies later, here’s what stands out as a red flag to you.

The Rainy Weather (bobbe17)

“So what? I can see fine.”

The Hesitation (ivan256)

Your indecisiveness leads to trouble.

The Inconsistency (koalapeck)

Stay away.

The Turn Signal (Sector 7G-Wagen)

Here to tell everyone where they just were.

The No-Coast (Fufanu)

Also probably poor mergers.

The Highway Brakers (marshknute)

No real need for this, kids.

The Turn-Only Lane Satan (weissmeister)

Because fuck the rules.

The Lane-Changer (sinisterblogger)

It’s not hard.

The Turn-Braker (DoomsdayMelody)

They teach you this in driving school!

The Unpredictable (SPMiller)

Don’t be crazy on the road.

The Back And Forth (ochy38)

Learn to cruise!

The Denier (kped45)

I’m not sure what is accomplished by this.

The Lazy Cornerer (Dr. Strangegun)

Just turn the wheel more, jeeze.

The On Or Off (Elumerere)

It’s okay to not press on any pedal at all sometimes.

The Truck Ignorer (GloriousCO)

I think the move is called a Jersey Slide.

The Stoplight Drag Racer (Vin)


The Bad All Around (tristenkw5)

It comes down to the definitions.

The Side By Side (Matt McDougall)

I’m seeing red.

The Poor Planners (gamma754293)


The Panic Braker (Basement Cat)

Contrary to popular belief, braking doesn’t always save your life.