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Dakar Rally season is upon us, baby. That means even more montages from teams with tons of money and vehicles. That pretty much means Red Bull. We just saw an awesome clip of their whole crew, but fans of the big rigs might like this spotlight on the Kamaz racing trucks even more.

This things run 16 liter engines with 1,000 horsepower, weigh a staggering 11-plus U.S. tons and still end up getting all four wheels off the ground. The punishment that must be felt by the occupants, shitting right on top of the front axle, is almost too much to think about.


It takes a little bit of crazy to want to race anything, more so for a month-straight. But the people driving these trucks at full-speed through the entire Dakar Rally are in an entirely different orbit.

Respect guys, and good luck at next year’s race next month!

Images via Red Bull

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