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Alpines are pretty special and while we wait for Renault to figure out how to bring back the brand that has been dead since 1995, Petrolucious is here to tell the tale of a German man who fell in love with these gorgeous French beauties forever.


It always starts with seeing one as a child, doesn’t it? As we grow up, we might give up on the dream of having a rare car as priorities change and we get all serious, but then again, love can also hit you so hard the second time that you end up buying 10 of them.


Jürgen Clauss, founder of alpineLAB came from a cyclist family, only to became the man who restores Alpines to the exact condition they left the factory in, one after another. He sold his Golf GTI to buy one in the mid-1980s and never looked back. Can you blame him?

I don’t know about you but I think fiberglass looks best in Alpine blue.

Having said that, I would take the white one as well in less than a heartbeat.

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