Every time I found a nice old Alameda Volvo for DOTS, the Saab-o-philes would tilt their heads up to a grim frozen uncaring sky and bewail my obvious anti-Saab bias, no doubt imploring Odin to send those damn Göteborg bricks straight to the Crusher. But what can I say? We just don't have old Saabs on the island! I did my best to find one, eventually running across this '85 900 4-door, but that hardly counts. However, I was in Denver last weekend, and they've got old Saabs everywhere in that town, including plenty of turbo cars. So I whipped out the camera and shot this snowstorm-veteran late-80s 900 Turbo convertible, battered but not rusty. Yeah, it's not a 99, but you take what you can get.

In spite of the snow on the ground, it wouldn't have been a bad day for top-down Saab driving- 60 degrees, sunny, and pleasant out that day!