You Unload The $2.5 Million Ferrari F60 Very Slowly And Very Carefully

I think the first really expensive car I ever drove was an Aston Martin V12 Vantage that stickered somewhere around $180,000. I was really, really careful when I backed it out of a parking space. I can't even imagine how careful you have to be with the $2.5 million Ferrari F60 America. Really, really careful, probably.

This video was shot at the Ferrari 60th Anniversary party in Rodeo Drive, and it shows just how much care was taken in bringing the car off the stage. It... happens... really... really... TOO MUCH OH MY GOD... slowly.


I think the best part are the wood blocks at the bottom of the ramps. Seriously, that's the best solution we could come up with? Glad it all worked out on the end, though.

Hat tip to Chris!

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wtf is this just turn it on