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Our consumer-friendly friends clued us in on an article in the LA Times last week on the right way to make sure your rental car experience doesn't include a random credit card bill for any "excess wear and tear" to your rental ride. It seems a number of rental companies, especially in Europe, and including biggies like National and Alamo are now paying bonuses to employess who can tag you with the dings and scratches of normal wear and tear. So what's the LA Times think you should do?

Pack a camera and magnifying glass. Photos are excellent evidence in court if it comes to that. And a magnifier ensures that even the faintest ding won't go unnoticed.

We'll get right on that. We'd almost prefer paying for their dang-blasted insurance than spend an hour checking every square inch of the car for the slightest little paint chip.

There's a dented fender on my bill! [LATimes via Consumerist]

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