You Have To Be A Madman To Drift A Porsche 911

The more I hang out at drift events the more I come to one conclusion: drift cars break all the time. That's why this guy drifting his own Porsche 964 daily driver is an absolute maniac.


Even the best drifters often run into problems with their cars after a day of redline driving tire smoking, and they're usually in Nissan 240s. This guy is doing it in a four-wheel-drive Porsche 911, which is just begging for some insanely intricate parts failure that will make this video go from intriguing to terrifying.


Please forgive the techno music, this video was recorded in Iceland back in 2007. Techno-whatever was pretty much inevitable.

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Tommy Milner…

Tyler McQuarrie drifted a 993 Porsche in FD events a few years ago.