You Have Never Seen Two Trucks Stuck Worse Than This

You ever have one of those days when you step in gum and that's pretty bad but you get it off and then a bird craps on your head and that's even worse but then the tide comes in and threatens you with a watery grave? That's kind of what happened to these guys, except much, much worse.


All 4 Adventure is a TV show shot in Australia following two guys as they drive across the Outback. The continent is a land famous for possessing everything in the world which will try to kill you, and if the animals won't do it, mother nature will.

While shooting an episode for their fifth season, Jase and Simon got one of their trucks stuck in mud. That doesn't sound so bad, until it looked like simple tugging wasn't exactly getting one of the Land Cruisers out. And then the tide started coming in, threatening to submerge their rides. And then things started to get really bad.

I won't spoil the ending, but make sure you watch the whole thing. Top Gear might have its Christmas specials that lead to motoring mishaps, but this had all the ingredients for a complete disaster.

Remind me never to go to Australia. Or to at least stay on the roads while I'm there.


Maybe I'm just an arrogant American but I feel like a fullsize with a lift and tires would be very beneficial to have in that situation. Those trucks don't seem that suited to going off road.