You Have Never Seen Bridge Construction As Pretty As This

Construction usually only means traffic, and traffic is the bane of all human existence. But add in some good camera work, and it begins to look like a mesmerizing dance of human innovation and engineering.


The O7 bridge in Londerzeel, Belgium, was torn down and replaced in only four days, according to a translation of the Youtube video description, which is absolutely incredible by American standards. Sure, the O7 might not be the prettiest bridge in the world, but its destruction and rebuild looks great.

And if it can be done so quickly, and so beautifully, it makes me wonder what else could be done if we really put some effort into it like the Belgians put into their roads.


Seriously, Belgium has the only fully-lighted motorway network in the entire world.

Dudes love roads.

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I live in Belgium (Liège) and you have to separate the two sides of Belgium. The flemish part (dutch part) of Belgium has an OK road network, and as you can see in this video it's from that part. In the southern part however, is Wallonia, which is the most crap network that I have ever been on [ I have never been out of Europe, but I have driven my car in UK, Netherlands, Germany (Autobahn weee), France, Italy, Swizterland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain... I could go on, but you get the picture, I have driven most of all West European countries and some East European countries ].

I have a fiesta mk7 with the "sports pack" which means hard suspension, low-profile tires... and after approx 80.000km on Wallonia's road network, I had vibrations in my steering wheel due to the fact that 3 out of 4 of my wheels were bent due to potholes (and I'm not blind, I do avoid potholes whenever possible). I have to say, it seems they are trying to improve the road network here, but it's far from ideal, since a few years ago "Mr Dardenne", a "funny drunk man" was in charge of the road network... [

that guy, you don't need to speak french, just hear how he talks].