How many of you went to a car meet this weekend? Check out some pictures from my local Cars and Coffee, and show me yours! They’re probably way, way better! (Please stop emailing me about how horrible my photos are.)

I made it to a second-consecutive Cars and Coffee in Charlotte, North Carolina, again hosted by Scott Jaguar of Charlotte until the local C&C group settles on a permanent location. Here are the photos from last month:

I love this spot because not only is there a ton of space for all the people who show up to the Charlotte C&C, but it’s also a Jagaur and exotics dealership.


Here’s some pictures I nabbed from this weekend, but I do warn you—it quickly turns into an Aston Martin photoshoot.

Also, I may have a slight problem with Ferrari taillights.

Audi STI4
Count the heads, this one was popular
Japanese Corvette trying to fit in

So! I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours. It doesn’t have to be Cars & Coffee—if you snapped some pictures from a meetup this weekend we’d love to see them.

Photos: Justin Westbrook

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