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I feel uptight on a saturday night. Nine o clock, the radio s the only light. I hear my song and it pulls me through. Comes on strong, tells me what I got to do. I got to.

Get up. This weekend we're hiking our car-blogging arses from our bi-coastal outposts to the North American International Auto Show, which just happens to be smack in Detroit Rock City. Get down. Davey would have slapped up a Stooges reference (one of those weird sinewy pics of Iggy Pop mid-writhe, no doubt) or done some kind of MC5 "Kick out the Jams M**********" bit to illustrate our impending Detroit run. But since I can't separate the city of Detroit from Gene Simmons' blood spitting and fire breathing circa 1976 (forgive me Detroiters, seriously), Kiss it is. More to come from us on scene in Motown starting this Sunday, the first of the show's three press days. You gotta lose your mind in Detroit Rock City.

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