You Could Spend The Rest Of The Day Configuring Your Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

Are you yearning for an Italian V12 four-wheel drive shooting brake? Do you have nine hours of spare time right now to flip-flop between Giallo and Filo Speciale Cuoio seat stitching? Of course you do, so here’s the the link to the GTC4 Lusso’s configurator.


The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso debuted last month; it’s basically an updated, improved and renamed Ferrari FF. The V12 sticks around, but makes 30 more stallions for a total of 681. There’s also a new four-wheel steering system, a bigger grille, improved aerodynamics and new gadgetry.

It’s all good stuff, and now you can build your own on Ferrari’s configurator. But it might take a while, because the there are 26 exterior color options, five wheel options, nine brake caliper colors, 15 interior colors, and tons of other options that make configuring this Italian wagon feel downright impossible.

I gave up after 10 minutes, and ended up with a Verde British GTC4 with Giallo Modena Brake calipers, 20-inch forged diamond rims and a Crema leather interior.

British racing green on an Italian car? Blasphemy, you say? Well, build one on the configurator and show me a better setup.


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