You don't hear about it enough in Western news outlets, but the civil war in Syria continues to rage on, with some 6,000 people being killed in March alone. It's not uncommon for the rebels to post videos of their attacks on Bashar Al Assad's forces, like this one, which apparently shows them blowing up a tank with a hand grenade.

(Warning: it's possible there are people inside this tank who died, so be aware of that before watching it. Also, it's possible the people being shot at by this tank also died somewhere off camera. It's a war.)

In it we see a man run past a tank, then hit the ground before it fires its main gun. He runs over to the trees for cover before running back to the tank and planting a grenade inside the cannon. It goes off a few seconds later, igniting a huge fire inside the tank and eliciting cheers from his comrades. We can't tell if the soldiers inside died but I doubt this ended well for them. It's also possible this was staged and it was an abandoned tank.

If there was a tank crew in there the guy who did this is one brave son of a bitch. I wish I knew more to this story. Anyone out there have more information about it?

Hat tip to Edward!