Canadian sports betting site Sports Interaction gained some notoriety last week when it offered 5.5:1 odds that martial law will be declared in Quebec. Those odds have since been removed, eliminating the one bit of Montreal Grand Prix-related gambling that interested us.

Student protests in Montreal over 80% tuition hikes and the emergency Bill 78 limiting protests have extended past 100 days. Over 2,500 arrests have been made.

On May 9, the student association of the Universite du Quebec a Montreal announced that it would "organize a weekend of disruptions in order to cancel the Formula 1 Grand Prix and its jet-set events of June 8-10 which represent sexist, anti-environmental, elitist and economic values that must be abolished."

Regardless of Sports Interaction taking down their odds, there will surely be significant demonstrations at the Montreal Grand Prix and the possibility of martial law remains. In light of this year's Bahrain Grand Prix, which did not stop for country-wide protests, the F1 show will undoubtedly go on.


(Hat tip to For Sweden!)

Photo Credit: L'oeil_ —- Lost