You Can Order This Vehicle With Rear-, Front-, Or All-Wheel Drive

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There are plenty of cars you can get with FWD or optional AWD. There are more still where RWD is standard and AWD is an option. This might be the only vehicle where the order form includes FWD, RWD, and AWD.

While I wish the car was some kind of do-everything sports sedan, it's actually Mercedes' new midsize van, the Vito.


The Vito is just the regular utility version of the Mercedes V-Class. That's the passenger/luxury version of this thing, because Europeans are crazy and they are open to the idea of a brand-new luxury passenger van.

In any case, the V-Class comes in rear- or all-wheel drive, whereas the new Vito gets optional front-wheel drive, too. The last Vito had optional FWD, but only with an all-electric drivetrain. This new one comes with ordinary diesel engines in FWD guise.


Here are Mercedes' illustrations of the Vito in its three drivetrain configurations. Front:






I can't think of any other vehicle that comes in every configuration of driven wheels. Can you?

Photo Credits: Mercedes

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