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You Can Follow KITT From LA To San Francisco On Jalopnik's Instagram (Update: It Broke Down)

Andrew Collins and David Tracy are winding their way north from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and they’re borrowing David Hasselhoff’s ride from the television show Knight Rider, KITT. They’re on their way to Radwood NorCal, but they’re taking the scenic route and will be stopping for a few choice photo ops and live video. If you aren’t already following @jalopnik on Instagram, make sure you do so you can see all of the KITT action on Instagram Story.


Current Collins report indicates that there are “No issues so far, except for the fact that it’s pretty slow, and driving with the yoke is very, very odd.” That sure doesn’t look very easy to drive. If you can’t make it to Radwood tomorrow, you can get a feel for what it’s like by following their path on Instagram.

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Update Saturday 1:45 PM ET: KITT died on the Pacific Coast Highway, forcing Andrew to jump out and push the car onto the shoulder. It was sketchy; KITT remains broken, and will not be attending Radwood unless it’s capable of healing itself and driving on its own to San Francisco (it seems unlikely, but then again, it’s a talking car).

Jalopnik contributor with a love for everything sketchy and eclectic.

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