You Can Buy An Actual Fast & Furious Movie Car For Pocket Change

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Remember “Hector?” The guy who was “too slow to make away with the money, man” at the first street race in the first Fast & Furious movie? No? Maybe?

Well, he didn’t enjoy as much screentime or riches of the franchise as Paul Walker or Vin Diesel, but his character was reprised for Fast 7. And apparently his Accord Wagon went on to get a whole new look after appearing in the first movie.


At least that’s what this dude on Craigslist is claiming. So it must be true.

When we saw the car in the movie, it was sitting on some obscene set of chrome wheels with a copper-chameleon paint job. And a roof. (A long one!)

Good lord, look at that shining pillar of late 90's-early 2000's car culture. Race track rescue hook, monster tach, steamroller wheels and air ride. No, yeah, that setup makes sense. (Is that a turbo I see just above the headlight?)


So many memories of making collages from cut-up Super Street magazines are coming back to be right about now.

Today the car is still wacky looking, but very different. And it’s on Orange County Craigslist for $2,999.


Whoever had the car after it was filmed and decided to make it teal and topless appears to have done a decent job. As far as tuner-show cars go, I mean, it looks like somebody at least cared while they put it together. Which makes seeing it on Craigslist for the price of a fancy bicycle kind of depressing. Along with the seller’s line; “This car has only been driven about 3 times in the last 10 years.”


“I had plans to do it up a number of years ago but ended up getting married & having kids so just don’t have the time any more.” [sic].



Well hopefully this person finds somebody to do... something... with this car. It’d be a shame(?) to see it disappear into some SoCal alleyway. If you’re into the tuner-show car scene (does it still exist?) this seems like a pretty cheap and awesome way to start racking up those Hot Import Nights trophies.


Hat tip to Adam!