Yo, Check Out My Sweet New 993

The proud new owner of this "993 TT" posted these shots of it on the Rennlist 993 forum. The problem is, the second shot reveals the engine bay and it's not turbocharged. In fact, it ain't even a 911!


Here's what PlayasPapa has to say for himself:

OK so its not a real 993TT but Im making it into one and its my first 911. Tha dude that ownd it before me upgraded it with a 993TT body kit and real 993TT interior and other parts but left tha motor stock. Tha paint job is tight its Lambo orange all over and its got Lambo doors. It runs smooth and tha AC is cold but its very slow for a 911 and needs an upgrade but it will do for now.

How much moo la does a 993TT motor run so I can start savin up for it.

At this point we can only assume that this guy is a troll of the first order, but someone still put an awful lot of money into converting that 76 HP, 1976 Porsche 912E into a 993 look-alike. [Rennlist]

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