Yesterday: Lambo Mustang. Today: Lifted Aztek. What's In The Water?

Illustration for article titled Yesterday: Lambo Mustang. Today: Lifted Aztek. Whats In The Water?

Leave it to Canadians to build a customized Pontiac Aztek complete with lifted suspension, bull bars, a roof rack with light bar, a questionable paint job, and a whopping sound system. Did we mention the fuzzy tiger-print fabric?

What's under the hood? What else would it be but the Aztec's wheezy 3400 V-6? There's very little about this thing that doesn't make your stomach turn.

Why? Why lift an Aztek and attempt to butch it up? Why try to tart up the plastic interior with orange paint? Is nothing sacred too boring to screw with? We need a drink. (You're a sick, sick tipster Matthew)



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PotbellyJoe and 42 others

Can I still buy the Eureka Tent for the hatch?