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Yes, You Will Get To See The DogeCar Again Tonight

Illustration for article titled Yes, You Will Get To See The DogeCar Again Tonight

Dogecar driver Josh Wise won the fan vote to make it into the NASCAR Sprint All-Star race tonight, edging out such luminaries as Danica Patrick. Patrick, for her part, blamed shadowy "outside sources that are in control" for the loss. The race tonight should be fun.


It's been a bit of a wild ride for Wise, starting almost as a joke by the DogeCoin cryptocurrency community back in March, and then becoming very very real when more than $50,000 was raised to slap a Shibe on his car.


The Dogecar made its debut at Talladega on May 4th, 2014, and that was supposed to be that. The sponsorship was strictly a one-shot deal. It paid dividends for both Wise and Doge, however, including much publicity for the currency, despite NASCAR announcers needing the Google Machine to understand it.

But Wise said he would keep the livery for the All-Star race if he won the fan vote, and Doge fans turned out in droves. Either that, or the Illuminati, depending on which Danica Patrick you ask, I guess.


So tonight, as an encore presentation, you get just a little more Doge.


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What I'm hearing here is that danica is still a sore loser and blames everyone but herself for her failures and is now trying to say it was a conspiracy and cheating of some sort that got Josh the win over her in the fan vote, because you know, it couldn't be the aggressive campaign for votes the community did, or the fact that they put up their own money to sponsor him to begin with so they are personally financially invested in this and want to see it go "to the moon".

Also, I'm really getting tired of danica blaming everyone. She could be the only car on the track, spin out and crash on a straightaway, and she would still blame everyone but herself for it, she'd blame other drivers for not running the line she was going to before she got out there thus not clearing the debris for her if there was any, she'd blame the crew for whatever, she'd blame the track officials for not having the track at the perfect temperature and cleaner than a surgical suite, she'd blame the fans for exhaling and causing a cross breeze, whatever you can think of, she'd use it as an excuse.