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Forget all you've heard about the US not getting the new Golf/Rabbit R32 factory tuner — or that some manner of "R36" was imminent — says AutoWeek. VW reportedly confirmed the R32 will hit these shores in 2007 a 2008 model. As we said of the European model, introduced at the Frankfurt show last year, "The 2006 R32's 3.2-liter V6 gets a 10hp boost, via FSI technology (that's direct injection to the acronymically challenged), to 247hp. A Haldex AWD system doles the power to the four corners like a meth-addicted croupier. A DSG autoshift box is a $1,600 option in the UK, and reduces zero-to-62 mph times to 6.2 seconds from the manual's 6.5 seconds." Hot hatch-o-rific.


Volkswagen R32 4Motion Goes on Sale in Europe in November, US Snubbed [internal]

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