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Leroy Walker of Beulah, North Dakota loves him some Edsel action. Not just a little, but a whole lot of Edsel action. 226 Edsels' worth, actually, from rusted derelicts to an exceedingly rare Citation convertible. Stating that "The highway gets a little sweeter when you're driving an Edsel," Walker started collecting Henry's redheaded stepchildren in 1961, when he traded a Mercury for a '58 model with a blown clutch. The addiction's only grown from there. While he has the cars spread out over 37 acres to avoid the entire collection being taken out by a natural disaster, he keeps track of 'em and even sells a few, saying, "I can get you down the road for about $4,000 in an Edsel that will take you all the way to Los Angeles."


North Dakota Man is Undisputed Edsel King [Grand Forks Herald]

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