Yes, Prodrive Is Building a Limited-Edition Mazda RX8

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A few months back, a tipster wrote in about attending an event, during which a Prodrive rep had introduced a plan to offer new, UK-only special-edition RX-8s for Mazda. Now, it's been confirmed. The motorsports firm is slapping its big P on the RX-8 PZ, based on the top-line RX-8. The limited edition model includes a choice of black or gray paint, Prodrive-branded 18" OZ alloys, aerodynamically friendly side mirrors and a functional rear spoiler. What kind of Prodrive-conjured madness lies under the hood? Gotta be what? Twin turbos? 400hp? A nitrous bottle? Hyperspace button? Nope. No engine mods to speak of. Bollocks.

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