YES, Hyundai...Wait, Umm...NO, Hyundai...Wait...

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I think the Freep's looking at this like they've got the story right today either way.

February 19: Freep Totally Freaks Out About Chrysler, Proves That We Cannot Tell Our Ass from an Auto-merger [GrowDetroit]

Before You Even Ask: Despite The Friendly Wave, Fiat Has "Zero" Interest In Chrysler; Hyundai "Has Its Hands Full," Not Interested In Chrysler; Buy Chrysler For $13 Billion: JP Morgan To Formally Kick Off Auction This Week?; Hyundai Interested In Chrysler? Yes, Hyundai.; Breaking Not So Much! Automotive News Fans Flames Of GM-Chrysler Talks; This Is Our Country, This Is Our Chrysler? [internal]


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Rusty Van Horn

So Wert, if you need someone to comment as a Mo'pert for the big TV gig, shoot me a holla.

And for my 2-cents worth, I'd rather see Hyundai get it all than GM get any.

Or, better yet, all of us at Jalopnik chip in some cash and buy the thing.

All I ask is that I get put in charge of Desoto...