Yes Definitely Thrash A Lamborghini Miura Around In The Snow

Speaking of misusing cars, I love seeing sports cars and super cars being thrashed about in the snow. There’s just something so bizarre about the sight that I’ll never get tired of. And a Lamborghini Miura flicking its ass around in some powder? Hell. Yes.

Recent Video

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This video was uploaded in April, but now it’s cold outside and therefore totally appropriate. Ex-Lamborghini factory employee, Enzo Moruzzi (who worked at Lamborghini for nearly 40 years), recalls one particular client who took delivery of a Miura.

This client, the Shah of Persia, fitted his Miura with a set of snow tires and drove it in the snow. This video is a tribute to him. Check it out. And then get out there and hoon something of your own.


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