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Yes, AutoBlogGreen is being killed and folded into AutoBlog

We received the following email from Mario Ruiz, the SVP of media relations for the Huffington Post that I think clears up what we've already said yesterday about AutoBlog Green — that it was being either killed or "folding it into its hopefully healthier brother, AutoBlog."

hey guys, to clarify, AutoBlog Green is being intergrated into AutoBlog. That is, it wont have its own url anymore. But AutoBlog Green will live on — green is of course still a hugely important subject for us, but the idea is to build one power car destination, including the best of AutoBlog AND the best of AutoBlog Green.

Thanks, a lot

ps. huge fan of Jalopnik

Thanks Mario, we're fans of HuffPo over here at Jalopnik too!

Maybe John Neff, Publisher of AutoBlog, just didn't get the memo.


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PanchoVilleneuve ST

Anxious to see how the commenters find a way to call brown people "animals" in posts about electric cars made by college students.