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Yes, A Minivan Needs A Jet Engine

You have an extra jet engine. You have a minivan. Ding! You now have an idea.

There are trade-offs in the world. In the case of this minivan, you give up a little cargo space for a 100,000 rpm helicopter-sourced turbine engine. It covers the eighth mile in 7.65 seconds and gets at least one kid to soccer practice on time.


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Piloter, raging against the machine.

Aw c'mon. Take that out to a quarter-mile like the big boys do. Or a half-mile. Or a full mile. Take that 'Windstar' moniker a little more seriously and see if the aerodynamics really are good at providing downforce. If you've got a jet engine but you're chicken enough to get off it before the front end starts getting light, how do you live with the wasted potential?


From the Gizmodo article,

"According to Chris, it can do the 1/4 mile in 11.17 seconds, and it topped at 113mph because he hasn't adjusted the rear axle ratio yet."

Now that's more like it!