Rust, we do not fear you. We embrace you. We welcome your coming with wads of benjamins and dreams of budget rallycross.

In rounds one and two, all of you dirtbags voted on 16 pairings in a day. now we're backing that off to just eight votes, so think carefully. And you Festiva fans, brace yourself for some serious voting action.

Catch up on the intro post to explain everything right here, and catch up the results of round two's votes right here.

We start with two classic Japanese two-doors. The Honda, oddly, is the less aggressive one in comparison to the Toyota. In this case we're looking at a sports coupe vs. a sporty coupe showdown.

It's easy to see this one way: the 240SX is good for drifting whereas the Fox Body is good at going sideways, hitting trackdays, running on the strip, and just about everything else you can imagine. I think the differences are more about where your automotive nostalgia lies. There are enough V8 S13s and turbo 4 SVOs out there to prove my point.

The MX3 is an easy car to love and the Jetta is an easy car to hate. But when it comes to beaters, would you rather have a cheap gem you care for, or a dirt cheap brick to smash?

This beat-off is coming down to more idealistic conflicts than I imagined. The Milano is an impeccable car in working, stock order. It looks like nothing else and it drives like a classic sports sedan should. Moreover, you get to drive an Alfa, which is about as good as it gets. The Volvo 240 is a car that you love in spite of itself. It's slow, it's clunky, and it's more than a little stolid. But it's a car that takes abuse and keeps on rolling, which is something you fall for.

Both of these cars are known for being indestructible and not much else. What do you want to ride into the apocalypse with?

Truck Yeah's Andrew was happy to describe the ZJ as one of the worst Jeeps ever, which is probably saying something. The 'Yota truck is, however, a saint int he automotive world. I'm not trying to sway these votes, am I?

The Ranger is pretty much the Miata of trucks, so if there's anything to combat the serious fanboi power of the Impreza, it's this little workpony. The Subaru needs no introduction other than a $800 craigslist posting.

At this very moment, there is probably someone, somewhere squealing tires to an autocross win in a Neon. Meanwhile, someone is probably getting high in a Festiva. Vote with your heart on this one.