Everyone in the car-writing and talking business loves to get exclusive reveals of new cars. It's fun. It's so much fun that it's hard not to want to tease everyone with what you've got, like our pals at Motor Trend did this morning. And I think that teaser pic gave away what the car is.

This was the tweeted tease (or, tweese, if you like getting punched in the mouth) from earlier this morning:

That picture. It's familiar, somehow. We really have only have three things to go on: color, shape of that rump, and that taillight. But I think that's enough. The look of this car doesn't really seem modern, but that taillight is full of LEDs, so I know it's likely not a vintage car ā€” or if it is, it's heavily done up. And that color, as much as I love yellow, isn't one that's been really popular lately. And that curve of the rear body, why, it's almost... bunlike.

So I'm officially predicting: this is the new Weinermobile.


I've spent some time in the Weinermobile, and I know that the world's premier food-shaped car doesn't get radical redesigns, it evolves. Like a 911. And if you compare this teaser pic with the same part of the current Weinermobile, you see a marked similarity in color, similar horizontal taillight treatment, and that unmistakable bun curve.

Am I right? I guess we'll find out in two days!

UPDATE: Actually, we get to find out now. Because this is absolutely the Weinermobile. Commenter Lonestranger has the pics to prove it. Also, this model Weinermobile seems to already be on the road. So what are you revealing, Motor Trend? Does this one have kraut?