Yellin' in My Ear: San Bernardino Mother Crushes Sons' Dreams

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Man, San Bernardino really is crap. Now we're not opposed to a bit of strong discipline on the part of parents. Yes, like any left-loathing lefty, we find the hippie self-esteem stuff annoying. But that said, Michelle Groh-Gordy, a columnist for the San Bernardino County Sun seems to take pleasure in crushing the dreams of her sons involving Bugattis, Corvettes and SLRs. Our defense? If your kids do grow up to own such vehicles, they'll be able to take good care of you in your old age.

Alternately, they'll flip you the bird and roar off in fits of horsepower-induced glee, hollering, "Sorry Ma, forgot to take out the trash." We're tired of San Bernardino. And Upland. We're also really tired of Upland.


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