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BMW 2002 owner and 24 Hours of LeMons Assistant Perpetrator TheEastBayKid keeps talking about this great idea for a rally: every participant must bring a vehicle of the same model year as his or her year of birth.

The YOYBR would involve a few days of driving in the boonies, staying in dive motels, etc., in the California Melee tradition. TheEastBayKid was fortunate enough to be born in 1980, which means his selection of great Malaise Era vehicles includes such machines as the Maserati Quattroporte and Chrysler Cordoba. My year, 1966, features better-looking cars with more horsepower (and crappier brakes) than EastBayKid's, but the price tags tend to be a lot higher; I'm thinking a '66 Lancia Fulvia or AMC Marlin would be reasonably affordable yet still well-suited to the Murilee Martin Lifestyle Brand™.

How about you? You might list high-cost and low-cost options, a half-dozen different machines, or just one definitive choice for your Year Of Your Birth Rally entry.