Los Angeles Police say they have identified the driver of a Mustang involved in a street racing crash that killed two people and seriously injured one more. ABC7 has also obtained video of the moment the crash happened.

Apparently there were about 60 people who witnessed the crash, and those witnesses are now starting to come forward. The video taken from the start line shows the Mustang and the GT-R set off and the Mustang suddenly veer to the right and into the crowd.


One witness, who asked not to be identified, said that he thinks the Mustang was going around "55 or 60" mph when the incident occurred, though the actual speed is yet to be determined.

The LAPD says the driver who fled the scene has been identified as 21-year-old Henry Gevorgya. On the news, they said they "know who he is and have his car," and have asked him to turn himself in or they'll find him soon.

ABC7's report, including the video from the scene, is below. Discretion is advised.

And a final reminder: Street racing is the dumbest thing and the people who do it are literal human garbage.


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