Remember this delightfully over-the-top Chevy Colorado "rally concept" from 2011? Rumor has it that GM might be blowing the dust off these drawings and pondering a Raptor-fighting off-road variant of the 2015 Colorado and GMC Canyon.

According to GM Authority's sources: "the new line of mid-size pickups is on track to offer an aggressive off-road variant equal to that of the Ford Raptor, but in a smaller (read: lighter) package."

So they're talking about something much beastlier than the "Z71" package which features more aggressive tires, Rancho shocks and a few skid plates. GM Authority seems to think a hard-core Colorado and Canyon would revive the "ZR2" badge from the old Chevy S-10 off-road trim.

Did you want to look at more pictures of the 2011 Colorado Rally Concept? Sure you did, the thing is hilarious:

Images from GM, hat tip to Motor Authority!