The "old days was better" thing can really get run into the ground (e.g., drum brakes, no antibiotics), but when it comes to certain things it's tough to argue with the sentiment. Mechanic's creepers, for example; these days, mostly what you get when you buy a creeper is about two weeks before ball bearings start spitting out of the cheap-ass casters and the thing starts scraping the concrete and you curse the downward spiral of manufacturing quality et cetera. So I was pretty happy when I scored this Hulbert's Smash-Proof at a yard sale for five freakin' bucks! It really is smash-proof; I'm pretty sure I could use it for moving large appliances down a gravel driveway and it would laugh at the so-called abuse. And check out all the cool tags and labels; I'm guessing it's from the 1940-60 period.