Yamaha Wants You To Hear The Lexus LFA

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One of the world's foremost musical instrument manufacturers helped design the Lexus LFA's cabin. Why? Because Toyota wanted its supercar to crawl inside your ears and invade your soul. Turn it up loud, kids — this is a good one.


Things we did not know about the Lexus LFA:

1. When accelerating at an engine speed of about 3,000 rpm, the driver hears a powerful harmonic sound structure centered around 250Hz, which is the primary component of combustion tone.

Hmm. Ok. Got that. Next?

2. At a high engine speed of about 6,000 rpm, the harmonic sound structure is centered around 500Hz. This produces a sound that is rich and smooth.

Ooh! Cool! That makes sense.

3. Sub-path: This side path is a sound conveyance duct with a primary resonance frequency of 500Hz. The dragon eye adds a feeling of richness to the somewhat rough air intake noise.


Wait, "dragon eye"? I'm confused — weren't we talking about...er...uh...wait, what?

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Nevermind. Just listen to the thing by clicking the video above. Thank you, Yamaha. I have no idea what you just said, but you reached out, and you touched a brother's heart.




Jonathan Harper

oh wow. that does sound good.

I think i can hear the dragon eye right around 2:00, it really opens it's lid.