Yamaha R1-Powered 125 HP Golf Cart Doing Dyno Wheelies

The only redeeming qualities the game of golf has for us is that it involves a bunch of friends out in the fresh air, a bag full of frosty beverages, and a golf cart to chase squirrels around the course with. Now imagine if that golf cart was powered by a four cylinder out of the devastatingly fast Yamaha R1 rocket bike putting down 125 HP at the wheels. Yeah, we couldn't suppress the sinister snicker either. The guys at Navarez Racing Products have put together such a squirrel-tormentation machine and dyno'ed it as well, pulling wheelies on the dyno just to make sure it could do them. Wonder if they need a caddy? [youtube via NextConceptCars]

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Yet again, I want... and yet again I want to plate it and make it a commuter vehicle.

I bet it gets better mileage than most econoboxes.