Yamaha Market-Testing Off-Road Mini ATV Camper Concepts

Yamaha is market-testing the idea of a side-by-side ATV camper, something you can go off-roading in all day and then transform into a little home away from home. Yamaha's three concepts below.

We skipped over to the Yamaha site and took the survey ourselves and it seems the triple tuning fork brand is eager to know if there's a market for a miniature off-roading RV. They present three different concepts which range from the increasingly popular side-by-side class towing a fold out tent all the way up to a dedicated folding elevated camping platform. The survey is looking to find out whether regular camping enthusiasts would be interested in such a vehicle or if it's something more appealing to back country hunters and fishers.


We're still into roughing it when camping, but there's probably a section of the population eager to get way, way out into the bush and have a fold out burner and a shower when they get there. Although this is a slick concept, we can't help but think the market for these kinds of things is pretty slim these days. (Hat tip to bpapa9013!)


[Yamaha Survey]

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