Yaaaaawn: Which Muscle Cars Are You Bored With?

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Preposition-ending headline notwithstanding, this is our question of the day. Seriously, people. Detroit only made so many muscle cars during the 1960s and early 1970s, and they've all been clinging to our consciousness like jobless brothers-in-law for 40 years. Now that anything from the era's become a nostalgia play among boys in their peak earning years, auction prices on even the most ordinary cars are heading skyward like a Saturn rocket on a flickering black-and-white TV set. We put it to you. Which car makes and models (specify year) have you just completely had it with? We won't name examples, lest we lead the panel by power of suggestion, but you know what we mean. No sacred cows here, boys, out with it.

SEMA Show: Morning Muscle [internal]


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