Would You Take A Crap In This Rolling Porta-Potty?

Illustration for article titled Would You Take A Crap In This Rolling Porta-Potty?

While watching the massive boulder-hauling through Los Angeles the other night I noticed something striking at the tail end of the procession of heavy vehicles.


Yes, that's a porta-potty pulled by this truck.

Presumably the toilet's for on-the-go bladder and bowel-voiding needs of the many workers walking alongside the boulder-hauling rig.

But after seeing it, I'm now a little curious about the micturating/evacuating process at 5mph on a trailer. I wonder if they stand to pee, or does sitting make more sense when in motion? Can you comfortably eject waste while slowly rolling along? Now I regret not running up to find out.


Sir Halffast

So one of the annoying things about LA streets is the frequent presence of massive speed DIPS on all four sides of the intersection "box." Ostensibly to keep people from speeding through. I'm just saying.