Would You Sacrifice A Body Part To Drive Jim Clark's Lotus 49?

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The Lotus 49 is undoubtedly one of the greatest Grand Prix cars of all time. You definitely want to drive one. But how badly do you want to drive it?


Introduced in 1967, the Lotus 49 was one of the most significant race cars ever built, and was basically the template for Grand Prix cars for decades to come. It was the first Grand Prix car to carry the Ford Cosworth DFV, an engine that would be in F1 for nearly 20 years.

The 49 was the first F1 car to have wings. And more importantly, the 49 started a trend that is still seen in F1 today: Corporate sponsorship. That's right. The Lotus 49 was the first F1 car to carry the logo and paint scheme of a company. In this case, the cream, red, and gold of the Gold Leaf Cigarette brand.


So what would you do to drive one? Give up an arm? Your ear? Your nose? A finger? Perhaps some not-so vital organs?

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Just wear your damn mask...

Can't be that special. Alexander Rossi got to drive it and he couldn't give so much as a heel or a toe.