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The great thing about driving in video games is you can take to the best tracks in the fastest cars, and wreck over and over. Would you actually drive in this kind of mayhem?

This question came up when we heard that Dubai will add a Ferrari to its police fleet, which currently includes a Lamborghini Aventador. As reader Axecutioner points out, Dubai PD is basically a video game at this point.

If that city turns into a real life NFS: Hot Pursuit I am so moving there.

Would you really? I've seen how people drive in Fourza and whatnot. It's like pinball. If I was on track with a bunch of people driving like they were in a video game, I'd have a Gumpert Apollo through my windshield in a matter of seconds. That said, I'd be just about my only chance of hounding a Lancia Stratos through Eau Rouge, so it might be a risk I'd take.


Photo Credit: Bryce Womeldurf