Vigilante Who Shut Down A Car Chase Rewarded With New Truck Parts

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Remember that 2008 Ram 2500 diesel that slammed into a rogue Hyundai Veloster piloted by a zero-fucks-giving fourteen year old? Well the Ram driver is getting his truck fixed and upgraded for free, because a shop owner so appreciated his efforts.


Even though it didn't look too rough in photos, the pickup was said to have sustained about $7,500 worth of damage. But West Valley Carstar body shop did some $15,000 in work on the Ram fitting "new turbos, new front differential parts, a new fuel system, new back bumper and new shocks."

"It was more than expected," Bryson Rowley, owner of the Ram told KSL. "They went above and beyond the repairs that were needed. I'm just grateful that people stepped up like that — it sure helped out."

Pretty much everyone seems to be hailing Rowley as a hero, despite the risks he took in doing a little freelance law enforcement. Apparently his fans include a co-owner of Carstar named Bryan Ellison. He decided he wanted to help Rowley afters seeing the story of his stand-taking on the news.


"I knew the insurance, because it was intentionally done, wouldn't pay... Just knowing that he could have saved multiple kids' lives — the least I could do was get the truck fixed at no cost," Ellison said in a KSL interview.

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